25 Oct 2011
By Mekismo
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Arhkam City - Wonder City Riddler Trophy (possible spoiler)

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Wonder City - Adamson & Stjernberg Drugstore - Collapsable Wall (or not in this case)


This is the area/riddler trophy I am referring to in this video

I am for some reason in my game unable to destroy the wall at the front of the drugstore, i've stood in front of it and been trying to place the explosive gel on the wall but it will only place it either on the floor, above the frame or on either side of the wall area. It's as if the game thinks the wall is there for the purposes of moving through it, but then it doesn't think it's there for the purpose of placing the explosive gel.

I've tried reloading the game and rebooting my PS3, not sure what else i can try, nothing seems to work. Anyone got a suggestion because it's pee'ing me off.

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Re: Arhkam City - Wonder City Riddler Trophy (possible spoiler)

Ignore this, I was being a bit of a wally. :smileyhappy:

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