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01 Mar 2009
By: Amzie08 Member 16 Posts
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Silent hill homecoming problem

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When I load up my game save for silent hill it takes forever to come on, I have to wait about 5mins for it to take me to my last save point and also when I'm examining something in the game and I get the hints up on screen but when I move away from it I still have the writing there and I can't check anything else its like it crashes on me even though I'm still able to move about, anybody else playing this and had this problem or do I just have a crap copy?

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Re: Silent hill homecoming problem

i ended up under the floor a couple of times playing this last year with a ntsc copy. nothing like you describe so i would take it back for another copy. if your not too far in the game it could be worth deleting that save and starting again
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