20 Dec 2011


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Need Help With Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Level Numbers

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I'm in the middle of a massive project where I'm extracting every single sound file from the first 4 Ratchet & Clank games. I'm currently working on #3, which has been the hardest so far (it's a good thing I've played this game more than any other game I've ever played, because all the sound files are unlabeled so I have to name the myself). Basically, I'm extracting all the level-specific sounds right now, but I've encounted a little difficulty.


According to the music files, these are the level numbers:


  • l01 - Veldin
  • l02 - Florana
  • l03 - Starship Phoenix
  • l04 - Marcadia
  • l05 - Daxx
  • l06 -
  • l07 - Annihilation Nation
  • l08 - Aquatos
  • l09 - Tyhrranosis
  • l10 - Zeldrin Starport
  • l11 - Obani Gemini/Pollux
  • l12 - Blackwater City
  • l13 - Holostar Studios
  • l14 - Koros
  • l15 -
  • l16 - Metropolis
  • l17 - Crash Site
  • l18 -
  • l19 - Qwark's Hideout
  • l20 - Nefarious/Biobliterator Fight
  • l21 - Courtney Gears Fight
  • l22 - Command Center
  • l23 - Holostar Studios: Secret Agent Clank Set
  • l24 -
  • l25 -
  • l26 -
  • l27 - Aquatos: Nefarious Secret Underground Base
  • l28 - Aquatos: Sewers
  • l29 -
  • l30 -
  • l31 - Insomniac Museum

I'm under the assumption that Kavu Island, Aridia, the Metropolis Battlefield and all the multiplayer maps are seperate levels, but I don't know where they go. One would assume that l06 is Kavu Island, l15 is the Metropolis Battlefield, l18 is Aridia and all the others are multiplayer maps.

Does that sound correct to everyone?

P.S: The entire sound collection sound be uploaded in about 2-3 months. Deadlocked and the original R&C are still only half-done.


EDIT: Just to make it clear, Planet Aridia and the Multiplayer map Outpost X-12 are two seperate levels. Aridia has all the AI coding and numerous blocked off areas, while Outpost X-12 is all open and has all the multiplayer code.

EDIT2: Just noticed that Obani Draco wasn't here, and that there aren't enough slots for all the multiplayer maps...

  • Bakisi Isles
  • Hoven Gorge
  • Metropolis
  • Blackwater City
  • Blackwater Docks
  • Command Center (Multiplayer)
  • Aquatos Sewers
  • Outpost X12

It's quite possible that the single player and multiplayer levels are the same map file...

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Re: Need Help With Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal Level Numbers

I went through the music again, and it seems I overlooked some stuff. Aridia is confirmed as l18, and Metropolis Battlefield is confirmed as l26.

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Don't Worry Anymore.

Don't worry guys. I tweaked the extractor a little bit, and it turns out I only had a small fraction of all the sound files. This little set-back is going to delay progress a couple of days, but at least this means that EVERY sound will ACTUALLY now be extracted.

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