30 Sep 2011
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Dark Souls Competition - Win a very rare Press Kit!

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Released last summer, Demon's Souls was one of the most addictive yet punishing RPGs to be released on the PlayStation®3. Now the developers at From Software are about to deliver a spiritual sequel Dark Souls for those gluttons for punishment that are up for a deeper challenge.


DARK SOULS_logo_fix_Black copy.jpg


Much like its predecessor, Dark Souls is not an easy game to master, in fact this game is said to be much harder with more enemies and challenges to encounter.



For those of you that are itching to get your hands on Dark Souls, we have 2 extremely limited press packs to give away courtesy of Namco Bandai Games.




This unique press pack contains a copy of the game, a booklet and a Dark Souls branded lighter.


How to Enter


For more information please visit the competition thread [HERE]

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