18 Aug 2008
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Eye of Judgement - World Championships!

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 EOJ World Championships!
Join us for the first ever EOJ World Championships!
 For the first time ever in the history of THE EYE OF JUDGMENT, we are pleased to invite you to EOJ World Championships, our first official and global THE EYE OF JUDGMENT PLAYSTATION®Network tournament! 

This special event has already started! And will run until Thursday 21st August.
 This time, there are no extra rules. You can play with your favourite deck and take on the world! You will still be able to play as many ‘Online Tournament’ ranked matches as you like until the tournament closes. The prize for the lucky winner is a true one-off in EOJ: the winning player will receive their own in-game card in ‘Deck Builder’ mode complete with their name, picture* (if the player wishes) and comments. This will be viewable by all EOJ players for the ultimate champion’s prize!
The winner will also earn the right to play an online duel against the creator of THE EYE OF JUDGMENT, Watanabe-san from Japan Studio. (This duel may be made viewable by the public). If you finish in the Top 10 players, you will also receive a special award of a unique ranking title for your eternal glory! Taking part is easy, just follow these simple steps: 

    * Log in to PLAYSTATION®Network and go online with THE EYE OF JUDGMENT in the usual way .

    * Select ‘Online Tournament’ from the Online mode select screen.  
    * Players will be matched up with another player to battle just the same as the regular way of Ranked Match.
    * That’s it  You’re entered into the first global THE EYE OF JUDGMENT tournament!

Any points you earn from playing Online Tournament ranked matches before the close of the tournament will contribute to y
oyour position on the tournament leaderboard. The tournament scoring system is exactly the same as that used for regular online ranked matches. Please note that tournament matches do not contribute towards your regular ranking. 

So Go! Go! Go! - take on the world with your best deck and aim for the top spot!  Good luck to you all and please remember, play fair, have fun and may the best player win! 

* The player photo and comments submitted will be moderated to ensure they are suitable for inclusion in the game. The winner’s consent will be required to use their photograph for this purpose. SCEE reserves the right to request parental consent should the winner be below18 years of age.


 Love to all,



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Re: Eye of Judgement - World Championships!

already in it! :smileyhappy: but it's rock hard though; there are loads of seriously good players out there!


But hey it's the olympics and it's all about taking part right? :smileywink:



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Re: Eye of Judgement - World Championships!

Always wanted to paly this game but i just dont have space, my room is tiny.
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