27 May 2008
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Play Warhawk Wednesday - win a Beta Trial Invitation!!

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 Hi all,

We really appreciate the support that you have given to the Warhawk Wednesdays event over the past few months.  We have really loved running them and hope that you have enjoyed playing with other forumers!

As you probably know, Home has functionality which allows users to create and launch Warhawk games and the beta triallists are currently testing and feeding back on this.  We want more people testing this, so we are offering beta trial positions for the best Warhawk Wednesdays players.

This is how we'll work it.

Warhawk Wednesday will have 3 matches each evening.  Players will be given points depending on their score:

10pnts for the winner
9 points for 2nd place...

At the end of the three games, the three players with the highest points total will be offered a position in the Beta Trial program!  For more information about the responsibilities of being a beta tester please click here.


Please note.  To be accepted as a beta tester, you need to be over 18 years of age, and be able to write feedback in English.  If you do not qualify on both these grounds, unfortunately we will not be able to offer a beta trial invitation.  You may still participate in Warhawk Wednesdays, and you are also eligible to win, however you will not be offered a place in the beta trial.


For full details please check out the Warhawk Wednesdays thread here


Thanks a lot, and hope to see you there!


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Re: Play Warhawk Wednesday - win a Beta Trial Invitation!!

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Breaking News!!


Due to the popularity of last week's Warhawk Wednesday Beat Trial event, there will be a further five beta trial places up for grabs in next week's Fun Night.   Check this thread for more information.

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