25 Apr 2013
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Remote download from the SEN Store!

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Hello community!

An update for the SEN Web Store has been released which introduced a remote download feature. After making a purchase on the Web Store, you will now be able to place your content into a download queue for remote download to your PS3 or PS VITA device.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to take advantage of the automatic update function available through the Plus service to remotely download content purchased from the Web Store to your selected device during the regular automatic update. If you do not have a Plus subscription, any content queued for remote download will automatically begin downloading and installing when the device is manually turned on.





Here's an FAQ to help you on your way!




After you make a purchase on Sony Entertainment Network Store, your content is added to your Download List on your Sony Entertainment Network activated device. Your download list is arranged in date order, with the newest first, so recent purchases will be at the top of the list.

You can either download your purchase yourself on your PS3 or you can remotely download your content so that it is ready to play when you next use your PS3.

PlayStation Plus members can also take advantage of auto-download for pre-ordered titles. This means that your pre-order is automatically downloaded to your console on the release date.

You can check the status of any content currently downloading and remotely start downloads through the store when you are signed in by selecting your Online ID at the top of the screen and going to ‘Download Queue’.


To download content remotely:

If your console is switched on or in stand-by mode you can start the download from the 'Your New Content' section of the Purchase Confirmation screen or the store 'Download List'.

  1. On the ‘Thank You’ page or your Download List, select ‘Download to your PS3’ next to the title you want to download. 
  2. The content will begin downloading automatically when you next turn on your PS3. If you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can set up automatic update which schedules your PS3 to wake from stand-by mode each day and search for software updates and queued downloads. If your PS3 finds content waiting in your Download Queue, including new games, it will begin downloading it automatically.
  3. Once the content has downloaded go to Image (Games) for games to access your new game.


To start the download yourself:

  1. On the XMB™ Menu, go to > Image (PlayStation®Network) > Image (Sign In) and sign in to your Sony Entertainment Network account.
  2. Select Image (Account Management) and press the Image button.
  3. Select Image (Transaction Management) and press the Image  button.
  4. Select [Download List] and press the Image  button.
  5. Choose the content you want to download and press the Image button.
  6. The item will download to your PS3 system.
  7. Go to Image (Games) for games and Image (Video) for movies and TV shows and enjoy your content.


  • Rented video content is subject to restrictions on the length of time you may view the content and where you may transfer it. Please click here for full details.
  • To download a game your PS3 needs twice as much HDD space as the size of the game. For example a 14GB game can only be downloaded to a PS3 console with 28GB of free space on the hard disk drive.
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Re: Remote download from the SEN Store!

Epic new function. I miss one part though: Actually starting the PS3 to have it starting the download once I queue a game. Yes, PS Plus can schedule downloads, but that's not really the same. Guess I better pair my Vita and PS3, so I can start Remote Play to have the downloads started during the day :-)


A 'wake- up' signal from the Network side (store) would be a perfect next step !

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Re: Remote download from the SEN Store!

I just saw this after I made my guide. :smileyindifferent:
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Re: Remote download from the SEN Store!

Excellent! Would be lovely to be able to force an update though, rather than waiting for my PS+ update.

A shame Remote Play was removed from the Store app though. Being able to access the Store on my PS3 directly through my Vita was an excellent feature.
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Re: Remote download from the SEN Store!

chrisboers wrote:


A 'wake- up' signal from the Network side (store) would be a perfect next step !

That'd be a great reason to have Remote Start enabled :smileytongue:


It's pretty great and I've already been using it, though a search for the download list would be appreciated :smileytongue:


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Re: Remote download from the SEN Store!

I will have to check my settings and see if it downloads for me, I know it should via PS Plus. 


Awesome feature though I know this is one users have been crying out for :smileyvery-happy:

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Re: Remote download from the SEN Store!

I make the best tutorials! :smileyvery-happy:

Now give me my Best Teacher rank :smileytongue:
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Re: Remote download from the SEN Store!

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This is great, but the Vita FAQ on the US site vs EU site is a bit conflicting.


US site:


Content will remotely download onto your Vita if one of the follow occurs:

  • Access the PSN Store from your PS Vita
  • Next time your switch on your PS Vita
  • During daily auto-start (between 4-6 am) while in standby mode


EU Site:

Provided your device is in stand-by mode and you are a member of PlayStation Plus, your PS Vita will switch itself on and begin downloading. If you are not a member of PlayStation Plus the content will begin downloading automatically when you next switch on your PS Vita.


It does almost say the same, though the wording on the EU site is wrong. The Vita doesn't automatically start if you are a PS+ customer, you have to wait for the PS+ check in the middle of the night or start the PSN store or restart the Vita, like the US site explains.

You might want to correct this, to avoid misunderstandings.


Other then that, I agree with other, it would be nice if there was an option to remote start your PS3 / Vita to download the queue, but I guess that's coming for the PS4.

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