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Trophy Cabinet: God of War III

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Give your vengeance a platinum sheen with these expert hints from the PlayStation Community.

Kratos begins his bloody ascent up Mount Olympus in God of War III on PlayStation 3, slaying towering monsters and powerful gods on his way to a titanic confrontation with Zeus. Amid the chaos there are 35 trophies to be collected, as well as the final platinum reward. Here, the PlayStation Community down their blades to pick out the trickiest trophies and offer some helpful advice to those who want to follow in Kratos's footsteps.

Begin your own climb towards Zeus's temple and that hallowed platinum trophy with these wise words from the PlayStation Community:

"The most challenging moment was on the way to collecting the Unhuman trophy, for completing the game on the Titan difficulty setting. The battle with a Cerberus Mongrel and his three Satyrs was tough, but if you summon a Gorgon to turn enemies into stone and use the Claws of Hades, you can easily defeat them." (Byabyash)

"I earned the platinum trophy after a hard fight against Zeus for the Retribution trophy, while playing through the Titan mode. You really need some practice to obtain that trophy, ideally by playing through the game on an easier setting. This game is simply spectacular and I really enjoyed it." (Manji_Rocks)

"Having completed all previous God of War games, I found God of War III's platinum trophy the hardest to come by. Playing the game in Titan mode was a real challenge which at times made me want to throw my wireless controller out of the window. I finally completed it though, and I'm proud to have obtained the platinum trophy in what was a truly tough game." (a0407948)

"Earning trophies in this game is pure pleasure, but the Up to the Challenge trophy, almost discouraged me from continuing. The Titan setting is hard, though with proper use of blocking, every opponent will fall on your blades." (Pioterek2010)

"I played this in Normal mode first – it seemed so difficult, especially the opening boss battle against the mighty Poseidon. And then my good habits from earlier games came back and I remembered that it was sometimes better to run away than attack violently. When I finally played in Titan mode it seemed much easier." (V_A_V_A_C_H_E)

"There are no tricks, the only keys to obtaining that platinum trophy are to persist, to pay attention to detail and to enjoy revenge. Enjoy your rampage." (steven-999)

"The most important thing is to keep going after the first boss fight, against Poseidon, when playing through Titan mode. I have the platinum trophy and I found that part the hardest in the game, I found the rest of the game is quite straightforward. This was actually my first platinum trophy!" (Twilight_Rico)

"Take your time, get to grips with each individual power that Kratos obtains through playing, learn to use them to your advantage and try to figure out what works best against different enemies. When attempting the Titan mode you will be challenged by enemies that you fought with ease on lower difficulties. Have a little patience if they are causing trouble and you will soon beat them, and with perseverance you'll have your platinum trophy." (Loonytoon1982)

Need a little friendly advice about trophy hunting? Then put your questions to the experts at the official PlayStation Forums.

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Re: Trophy Cabinet: God of War III

My advice to get this badass Platty is too... Block, dodge, block... Especially one section towards the end near the chain... That was the hardest section for me.. Zues wasnt any where near as frustrating as that.

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