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Re: What's new on this week!

This weeks goodsof epicness for you!


Weekend Essentials 129

Take a slice of E3 home with you and kick off the exciting UEFA EURO 2012 tournament with PlayStation this weekend.


10 of the Best: Magical adventures

As Sorcery casts its magic over PlayStation 3, we round up the finest spell-casting extravaganzas around.


PlayStation hits seventh heaven at E3 2012

Why there's never been a better time to be a PlayStation gamer.


New from PlayStation at E3 2012

Wonderbook: Book of Spells revealed, BEYOND: Two Souls unveiled and cross platform features detailed at E3 – find out more here.


Wonderbook™: Book of Spells comes to life on PS3

Bring wizardry to life in your living room on PlayStation 3.™-Book-of-Spells-comes-to-li...


And from the Official PlayStation Magazine...



Who needs next gen here are 5 E3 games that prove we don’t need PS4 yet Find out more the next game from Quantic Dream with this David Cage’s E3 Beyond interview: “Don’t talk about quick time events!” Here are Sony’s E3 Conference: the 5 best bits - all gathered in one place for your convenience. Game of the show? Check out these The Last Of Us E3 gameplay screens and release date: Naughty Dog gets nasty Here's the latest Black Ops 2 E3 gameplay screens

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Re: What's new on this week!

More links of awesome for you to enjoy!


Weekend Essentials 130

Game Talk – Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock

Gravity Rush: What it’s like to play

Reality Fighters: A star is born


And from the Official PlayStation Magazine..


There's loads of Skyrim's Dawnguard beta info leaking out. Find out about all the new perks, weapons and more. Find out what happens when one man plays a real 24 hour race in Gran Turismo 5. Get the tisses ready, here are the 10 most emotional PlayStation moments. Appreciate art with this brilliant picture of every major GTA lead in one room. Not convinced BLOPs 2 is this years biggest game? Here are 10 reason why Black Ops 2 will revolutionise COD.

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