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25 Nov 2010
By Blink2662


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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Guide

24 Replies 35,237 Views Created 25-11-2010


One of the new features of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is the online multiplayer.  Incredibly different than anything else you've ever played, this mode will leave you confused and ***** off for the first few rounds.  Use this guide to better educate yourself, and become the Master Assassin you know you should be.

Just like every other guide we at do, this is community based and will be constantly added on.

General Strategies

Blend into the Crowd
This is the most important key to success.  Don't be an idiot and run around.  Being that the civilians don't run around, if you see an action such as this, it's completely obvious that the running character is human controlled.  You can't give yourself any easier than by simply running around.  Blend into the crowd.  Walk around, keep a low profile.  Stand in groups of characters that look like yourself.  One of the best strategies I have found is to sit on a bench next to a character like yours.  Your pursuer won't be able to distinguish which one is you, giving you a great chance to stun them.  

If you are pursuing someone, don't rush it.  Take your time.  Try to understand their direction via the compass.  One of the greatest things you can do is to lay low, walk slow, and pay attention to the actions of the crowd.  If you are near your target, try to notice the behaviors.  The AI walks in a very set pattern, and it's easy to distinguish a human player by the way they move.  Pay attention to what your target looks like as well (picture in the upper right corner), and pick them out of the crowd.  Even if you are an attacker, you need to blend into the crowd.  Don't be that idiot standing on top of a roof trying to be sneaky.  Trust me, it's not working.

Always be Watching
Always be aware of how many pursuers you have on you.  This can be seen by the number of red markers in the upper left side of the screen.  If you have one red marker, you have one pursuer.  Two red markers means two pursuers, and so on.  You can have up to 4.  While you are pursuing someone, you need to be always circling your camera around, watching behaviors of those around you.  If you see a "civilian" moving towards you and not following the direction of the crowd, it's probably an assassin.  Pay close attention to this, even if it means losing your target for a little while.  The moment you lose your focus is the moment you lose your life.  

It's always very important to watch for the "Disguise" perk.  If you notice a civilian suddenly morph into someone else, it's obviously an enemy.  Another key note is that after you assassinate someone, you are more than open to be assassinated yourself.  Especially since your assassination can be seen by anyone around.  Don't let your guard down here.  I know it's tempting to stand over your victim and gloat about your victory, but it's even more satisfying to be the assassin that killed the assassin.  Strike and run.  Once again, always be watching.

Use Chase Breakers
Chase Breakers come in plenty of forms, and are essential to successfully evading your attacker.  If you get the prompt to flee, you need to use these... or you will most likely die.  Lifts, closing gates, corner helpers, and falling platforms are all chase breakers.  

Closing Gate:  If you see a glowing open gate you need to run through it.  It will close behind you and leave your pursuer far behind.  This is your chance to turn a corner and find a hay bail to hide in, or a crowd to blend with.  This goes to back to my first point of blending in with the crowd.  These gates are easily my most used mode of escape, and are so frustrating when you are the pursuer.

Lifts:  These are long ropes with a counterweight on the end of them.  Simply run up to them and they will launch you to the top of a roof.  It takes several seconds for it to reset, giving you ample time to find a a place to hide.  One tactic I have noticed works very well is to launch up, wait for your attacker to follow, then hop back down that same side and hide.  It will almost always throw them off.

Corner Helpers:  These are essentially swinging handholds.  Things like hanging lanterns or potted plants.  Run along high beams and you will find these.  They swing you around a corner and let you get away from your enemy.  These are great because they force your attacker to hop down and around, giving you a few seconds of sweet relief.

Falling Platforms:  These are obviously here just for rooftop chases.  They stay up long enough for you to jump across, then fall down so your pursuer can't follow.  If you see one of these, use it.  They are amazing.

Be Careful with Hiding Spots
I've noticed a lot of people love to use hiding spots.  News flash: I saw you jump in the haystack.  If you are going to use a hiding spot, make sure your pursuer didn't see you go in there.  Even while you are in this hiding spot, keep your camera focused on your attacker.  If they seem to be headed towards you, hop out and stun them.  Important to note however that stun isn't always effective, so be careful.  My main point here is that while hiding spots are awesome, they aren't guaranteed to work.  Once again, always be watching.

Game Modes (with strategies)

There are 4 main modes (not including tutorial).  They are Wanted, Alliance, Advanced Wanted, and Manhunt.  

Wanted/Advanced Wanted
6-8 players, all with the goal to get the highest points by killing their targets.  It's a one round game that lasts 10 minutes.  

Key strategies here are to be constantly moving, always watching, and blend into the crowd as much as possible.  Remember: watch your numbers of pursuers.  If any of the red spots are lit up, someone is trying to assassinate you.  Trust no one!

On the offensive side of things you want to stay cool.  Don't go sprinting towards your target as that will leave you open to being assassinated yourself.  Along with that, the more stealthy your kill, the higher your point total will be.  For example, a rushed kill is worth 100 points.  A silent kill is worth 100, plus 200 for silent, giving you 300 total.  

If you are being chased, use chase breakers as much as possible.  Doors are amazing in this mode, as they leave your pursuer stranded, and also leave them susceptible to being killed.  Nothing gives away an assassin more than running around like an a-hole.

3 teams of 2 players.  Your team needs to assassinate and evade more than the other team.  Highest score wins.  2 rounds of 4 minutes.

In this mode cooperation is key.  Both players will share the same character look, so keep an eye out for two twin civilians acting strange.  One thing to remember is that while you or your partner, or the other team, are assassinating someone, they are open to be assassinated.  Watch your partner's back and never let your guard down.

2 teams of up to 4 players take turns hiding and attacking.  Think of it like a domination type of game.  2 rounds of 5 minutes.

This is my favorite mode, and requires a lot of strategy.  You will start the game out either being a pursuer, or being the team that's pursued.  If you are an attacker, the key here is to blend into the crowd, pay attention to your compass, and focus on odd behaviors.  While it's tempting to leap across rooftops and sprint to your target, especially since you know no one is attacking you, I recommend you don't do this.  It will give you away and if your target is at all good at this game, you will never catch them.  Use your cover and try to lure your target.

If you start out as a defender, the best advice I can give is to do one of two things.  Either stick to the highest point (rooftops, steeples, etc), or blend into the crowd via groups of similar looking characters or benches.  Your main goal is to not die, while gaining points for stuns and evasions.

Perk Strategies

Disguise (level 2)
This is my favorite perk by far.  It's great when you are fleeing, and when you just get done assassinating someone.  There are two huge strategies to using this perk that I have found.  The first is that when you are fleeing, it works like a charm to turn a corner and quickly use Disguise.  It's important to make sure that you are out of the view of your pursuer however.  If you pull this off, you will often see your attacker run right past you.  

The second strategy requires a little more planning, but it's hilarious when it works.  It goes like this:  You are fleeing from an enemy and see a group of people with a character model like yours.  What you need to do is turn the corner then disguise yourself.  Go into that group of people and stand there (you are now a different character).  What it now looks like to your attacker is that you (which isn't really you, just the same character) are standing in a crowd trying to be tricky.  They will 9/10 times kill that civilian, losing their bonus, and also leaving you open to stun.  You will then get an evade and a stun bonus.  It takes a lot more practice, but it's amazing.

Sprint Boost (level 3)
Increase your speed while running.  

This is a great perk if you are just starting out, or if you are one of those rare players that just runs around all the time.  There's really not a whole lot of strategy to using this, other than save it for either closing in on your opponent, or escaping at the last second.

Smoke Bomb (level 6)
Drop a smoke bomb to stun your opponents. 

When it comes to using a smoke bomb you need to be careful.  Using it as an offensive weapon normally leaves you absolutely no where, except stunned.  For instance, if I'm hiding in a crowd of people and you are my attacker and throw a smoke bomb, my character will behave the same as the rest of my group.  I'll just wait for my character to stop freaking out and stun you.  

As a defensive weapon it's amazing - especially if you use it right before you are about to run away.  If you think your pursuer is closing in on you, throw the smoke bomb, take a few steps away, watch them run into it, then turn around, stun them, and keep running.  This is definitely best used as a defensive weapon.

Hidden Gun (level 8)
Shoot a targeted character after locking on.

This is a phenomenal perk and one that you should use as soon as you get it.  It adds a ranged attack to your arsenal, allowing you to kill "roofers" or "runners".  If you want to use the gun to it's best abilities, try to fire it at an enemy that is in mid-air.  It will give you more points.  

Templar Vision (level 11)
Reveal the presence and nature of all personas in sight.  Can't hide from me now!

Templar Vision is a great perk because it takes away other defensive perks such as Disguise or Morph.  Use this perk when your compass is showing that you are right next to your enemy and there are more than one of them.  Since you normally can't tell which one of the character models is your target, use Templar Vision to uncover the truth.  

This can also be used to your advantage if your attacker is using a disguise.  While this isn't necessarily a tactic I recommend relying on, it has worked a few times for myself.  It's more luck than skill, but really hilarious when it works.

Morph (level 14)
Transform characters from the crowd in your duplicates.  Talk about confusing!

This transforms the group of citizens surrounding into the same character model as yourself.  Don't try using this when you are all by yourself, as nothing will happen.  Also, using it on enemies walking the other direction just changes them into your character model still walking the other direction.  Stand in a group of people and use Morph to yield the best results.  A defensive perk for sure.

Firecrackers (level 16)
Drop firecrackers on the ground to blind opponents and scare the crowd.  Great for revealing your target.

When you use the Firecrackers perk, every character except your target will run around blind.  The character that is just standing there... that's your target.  Kill them quickly.  If your target is a good player, they will become blind and realize Firecrackers has been used.  If they time it correctly, a stun can be landed.  While it is rare, I have seen it happen.  So be quick even when using Firecrackers.  This is definitely a defensive perk.

Throwing Knives (level 19)
Throw knives to injure your opponents.  This slows them down and/or causes them to fall while climbing.

The best way to use Throwing Knives is to combine it with the Targeting System.  Lock on to your target, and when they get somewhat out in the open, throw the knives.  It will hit them and slow them down, leaving you with the perfect opportunity to strike.  I really enjoy using throwing knives when my target is climbing.  It will cause them to fall, gaining you extra points for the kill.

I have managed to use this as a defensive weapon as well, but it's only happened a few times and requires great timing.  Basically, when you are being chased, turn a corner and turn around to where your enemy will be approaching.  As they get near, throw your knife at them.  It will slow them down, giving you that extra bit of time to get away.  If you have Disguise equipped, it is a fairly potent combination that's sure to make your pursuer scream through their headset.

Charge (level 21)
You rush straight ahead, scattering the crowd, and pounce on your target.  Like a bull.  An assassination bull.

Decoy (level 24)
Change the appearance of anyone you target into your duplicate.  This causes them to run away, which causes your attacker to chase them.

Mute (level 26)
This mutes all personas around you, making it so they can't use their abilities, kill you, or stun you.  Really good strategy is to use this if you think someone is in disguise.

Poison (level 29)
This makes it so you can perform an invisible kill move that poisons your target.  They die shortly afterwards.  This is one of the best perks because you can assassinate someone and not give yourself away.

Levels and Progression

You can level up to a Master HItman (lvl 50).  Along the way you unlock plenty of rewards.  Check the list below to see exactly what you are working so hard for!


 1,150 Ability Slot #1 + Ability: Disguise
 3 2,750 Ability: Sprint Boost
 4 4,850 Loss Streak: Extra Sensitivity
 5 7,500 New Game Mode: Alliance + Profile Set #2
 6 10,750 Ability: Smoke Bomb
 7 14,650 Kill Streak: 3 Kills Streak
 8 19,250 Ability: Hidden Gun
 9 24,600 Loss Streak: Reset Cooldowns
 10 30,850 Ability Slot #2 + Profile Set #3
 11 38,000 Ability: Templar Vision
 12 46,050 Colors Pack #1
 13 55,020 Kill Streak: 3 Silent Kills Streak
 14 64,910 Ability: Morph
 15 75,750 New Character: The Blacksmith + Profile Set #4
 16 87,540 Ability: Firecrackers
 17 100,280 Loss Streak: 5 Kills Streak
 18 113,990 Kill Streak: 5 Kills Streak
 19 128,670 Ability: Throwing Knives
 20 144,400 Perk Slot #1 + Perk: Enhanced AutoBash + Profile Set #5
 21 161,180 Ability: Charge
 22 179,010 Perk: Wall Runner
 23 197,910 Gear Pack #1
 24 217,880 Ability: Decoy
 25 238,950 New Character: The Thief
 26 261,120 Ability: Mute
 27 284,390 Perk: Resistance
 28 308,780 Loss Streak: Boost Cooldowns
 29 334,290 Ability: Poison
 30 360,970 Perk Slot #2 + Perk Blender
 31 388,820 Kill Streak: 5 Silent Kills Streak
 32 417,840 Disguise: Evolution #1
 33 448,060 Perk: Fast Getaway
 34 479,480 Sprint Boost: Evolution #1
 35 512,120 New Character: The Footpad + Colors Pack #2
 36 545,980 Smoke Bomb: Evolution #1
 37 581,060 Hidden Gun: Evolution #1
 38 617,390 Perk: Chase Expert
 39 654,970 Firecrackers: Evolution #1
 40 693,850 Perk: Overall Cooldowns + Gear Pack #2
 41 734,030 Morph: Evolution #1
 42 755,510 Perk: Silent Hunt
 43 818,310 Throwing Knives: Evolution #1
 44 862,430 Templar Vision: Evolution #1
 45 907,900 New Character: The Mercenary
 46 954,720 Charge: Evolution #1
 47 1,002,890 Decoy: Evolution #1
 48 1,052,460 Mute: Evolution #1
 49 1,103,430 Poison: Evolution #1
 50 1,156,000 Colors Pack #3 +_Gear Pack #3


Score Breakdown

This game is all about who has the highest score at the end of the round.  It really doesn't even matter who has the most kills, who has the least deaths, or who has the coolest screen name (okay, that actually might matter).  The multiplayer was built around stealth, so use it appropriately.  I promise your score will be much higher if you do.

Discreet- 50 points.  
Kill in Discreet Status (get into High Profile mode)

- 200 points.  
Stay silent, don't go into High Profile mode near your target.

- 300 points.  
Be silent the entire time.  In other words, don't ever go High Profile, and don't let your awareness meter raise at all.

- 100 points.  
Kill your target from an "acrobatic position".  Such as a roof kill, hanging kill, climbing kill, etc.

Drop Kill
- 150 points.  
This is done when you grab an enemy from a ledge and kill them.

- 150 points.  
When the white bar is full above the Assassinate icon (located above your target's head), you're in "focus".  Wait for 3 seconds then kill them to get this bonus.

Hidden- 200 points.  
Kill your target while hiding.  Such as in a haystack, or in a crowd.  

Revenge- 50 points.
Kill someone who killed you.  Like Payback in that "other" online multiplayer game.



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Do any of you fancy rating Assassin's Creed Brotherhood for me please? It's for some research I am doing. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank-you!


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Re: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Guide



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Any chance of updating the info on the modes, because there are new ones now and annoyingly, Ubisoft don't tell you how to play them until you are playing them.

I even had a game where the mode name never showed.  I have no idea what mode it was because I was new to it.  There were two teams of four, one had to not get killed while the others tried to kill them, then the sides switched.

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Re: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Guide



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Here you go McWopper:


The two new gameplay modes, Escort and Assassinate. In Escort mode, two teams of four players compete in this team-based mode where each team must protect their VIP target or assassinate the other team’s VIP. In Assassinate mode, six to eight players are pitted against each other deathmatch style in one ten minute round.

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Re: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Guide

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Good guide tis a welcome sight considering some of the silly moves i have witnessed people using lately. I find the biggest pain in the ass is those damn smoke bombs. Whose bright idea was in to allow the use of smoke bombs right in the middle of a stun or attack animation. I would usually have my main strategy (I would always assume they are waiting to smoke bomb me so i would run at them and pull back or point the hidden gun at them to scare them into dropping it so i can come in unhindered) and trick offensive targets by using decoys and disguises but that strategy has been thrown out the window. Now i have to, for the most past, perform focused roof kills and trap stuns because even when an ally is being stunned or killed they can always drop those maddening smoke bombs. I sincerily hope there is not smoke bombs in AC3 it would be a welcome sight.

Re: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Multiplayer Guide

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