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21 Jul 2010
By EliteRichieUK


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Black Screen on Load

0 Replies 279 Views Created 22-07-2010

I'm some-what of a perfectionist, I play games to get the best possible out come in my eyes and retry that area if I don't before I move on.  Heavy Rain is no expection and I have many times stopped the game, returned to menu and restarted the chapter/scene from the main menu.


I got as far as Manfreds, and I forgot to do one thing before I leave and got an outcome I felt 'undesirable' - However, upon reloading the chapter, I got  a black screen, I waited 10 minutes and came back and reset my PS3 Slim. 


I have attempted to reload from many chapters before, load without saving with saving, continue, the works. No luck.  This game is a rental and I only have it for a limited time.  It has taken me the best part of a day to get this far, how many hours would you say it takes a completionist to play the game through?


Is there a fix for broken save-games? *I've removed and reinstalled game files etc, but if there is no fix for broken save games that give me a Black loading screen, how long would you say it would take to replay to this point?


Regards/ Richie

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