BUZZ!™ Quiz TV


The world's glitziest gameshow goes HD!

BUZZ! is back and this time he's headed for your PLAYSTATION®3!

BUZZ!™ Quiz TV for PLAYSTATION®3 takes the BUZZ! franchise into the next generation. Rather than focusing on a single genre, BUZZ! Quiz TV delivers a huge TV network that gives you access, at the touch of a buzzer, to one of five quiz channels to match your interest: The Music Channel, The Movies and TV Channel, The Sports Channel, The Knowledge Channel & The Lifestyle Channel. Players choose between playing a whole game with questions from a single channel or select 'Channel Hopper' mode to take a random mix of questions drawn from all five. With the PlayStation Network on hand you can also choose to download question packs to suit your interests or, perhaps most excitingly for quiz fans, write your own mini quiz, upload and share or browse everyone else’s to find the perfect ones to download onto your own PS3.