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23 Sep 2012
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"I'm getting spammed with CoD Invites""

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Not me, I'm not popular enough to be the target of a mass game invite onslaught!


But I know there are some of you out there who find yourselves getting inundated with requests to join peoples online games.  In Call of Duties friend list interface it is pretty easy to send invites to friends and also to people who have recently been in game with.  Black Ops particularly as all you need to do is press select over their names.


So, getting spammed over and over with game invites can be a little annoying and you no doubt want it to stop.  What should you do?

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Re: "I'm getting spammed with CoD Invites""

The best course of action to combat this is to either block the guilty parties or to adjust your privacy settings so that you either only receive messages from friends, friends of friends or no one at all.


I'd recommend the first option as setting your privacy settings will stop you from receiving messages from anyone you don't know.  Playing online should be a very social activity and it's always great to make new friends.  But sometimes, every once in a while, you get numpties you don't know spamming you with invites.


There's little point in reporting a game invite as all we'll see on this side is a game invite, it's hard to see any context around it.  The best course of action is to block the sender.


To do this:


Press the "PS" button to bring up the Cross Media bar (XMB) interface

Select "Message Box" under the "Friends" tab (far right)

Select "Received"

Press triangle over one of the messages/invites sent by the offending user

Select "Add to Block List"


You will then have a confirmation screen informing you of what you are about to do, just answer yes to this if you wish to proceed.


Remember that you can remove people from your block list if you want to hear from them again by selecting "Block List" at the very top of the Friends tab.  Just press triangle on them and select "Delete from Block List"

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