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Re: Call Of Duty Elite!!

Yaster wrote:
I had another view of the CoD XP keynote where Bowling and Peter Gabriel (From Sledgehammer, geddit?) are talking about how Elite will work with MW3. It sounds as if you should be able to play with people that are in any of the groups you are a member of so hopefully that will help us out in Events.

For those who haven't seen it yet, there is also going to be Facebook support which sounds like it works the same as Uncharted 3.


I think thats COD evolution. The game won't be much different from 2, BUT  the way and how you play the game is up to you. Which is quite a big step.


I was gutted when GT5 didn't have racing clubs, i think online games have needed what elite - or if you want, etc is offering for ages.


I love the fact i be able to log on to our group and just join a game with all you guys. And i love that we can make playlists and game modes for other people to use. So we could make up games, and then go play them. Thats awesome. I hope that reviewers take the elite feature into consideration when reviewing MW3.


I was hoping battlelog would include the same group thing. I think you can on pc, but not really consoles.

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