29 Jan 2011
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Help!! DCU online error message "DISCONNECTED lost connection"

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First off hi all, been looking forward to this game a long while, got it yesterday, downloaded the huge update & after the server selection got this message.


i have checked the obvious things, ie, its wireless is connected & im signed into PSN with the code activated so i called the helpline, they put me onto SOE who tried a few things like disable media thingy & delete the settings.

eventually he said to connect it wired which i did today & it worked,

so now i have to move the PS3 back to wireless & it wont work again, so it must be the network settings on the wireless?

does anyone know what i can check?

when i set it up i done it on the easy setup mode not custom has that missed something thats blocking it from working?


i have a good wirelss router so i dont think thats the problem.


any help appreciated.

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Re: Help!! DCU online error message "DISCONNECTED lost connection"

Its becoming common place that if you want to play DCUO don't even bother with doing it wireless as it either won't connect or you get insane amounts of lag, think about it a MMO sends a hell of a lot more data packets to and from your ps3 than say COD so a wireless connection just can't handle it.

I know here are some out there that don't have any problems playing wireless but most seem to have a decent router in order to deal with the data or if they don't there either lucky or close to their local exchange.
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