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01 Feb 2011
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Update news!

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This is all from IGN ...  (nice video too)


When Sony Online Entertainment announced that there'd be a $15 a month subscription charge for DC Universe Online -- the company's newest MMO -- the developers said that there'd be "roughly" monthly content updates to make that investment worth the money. Now, less than a month after its release, DC Universe Online is ready to announce February's round of goodies, and the package includes a new story mission, a new duo, and tons of extra stuff.

"What's happening in February is more like what's happening going forward -- we're going to just keep growing the thing," said Chris Cao, DCUO game director.

The only bad news is that we'll have to wait until "mid to late February" to get our hands on all this stuff, but once it's live -- with the exception of the seasonal goodies -- it's live for good.

Catwoman Content


SOE has been hyping a classic character playing a large role in this batch of content, and it turns out it's Catwoman. Selina Kyle is going to factor into a few new parts to DCUO.

  • Level 30 Catwoman Episode: Here, your character will race to Gotham Museum and find Catwoman robbing the joint. Then, some ancient Egyptian artifacts turn people into lions and tigers that you have to fight. Look for five boss battles in this mission.
  • Legends PVP: Catwoman will now be playable in "Play as Iconic" PVP.
  • Multiplayer Race: Chase Catwoman with your friends.
  • New Loot: You'll now be able to collect the "ancient Mayan Armor" and "Cat Burglar" gear.
Valentine's Day Content

Believe it or not, February is for lovers -- and now, DCUO is, too. In a rather interesting move, the Goddess of Love is ***** and has put down fountains across Metropolis. Enter one of these, and you'll be transported to a 100-person instance where you'll play as a cherub and battle "to determine the true meaning of love."

  • Collectable Hearts: Completing races, participating in PVP and other actions will earn you hearts that you can use to purchase chocolates and gifts to give to other players.
  • PVP Battles: Dunk the other team into the fountain.
  • Love Alert: This is a four-player boss fight against the Goddess of Love, Devotion and Scorn.
  • Loot: There's a new harlequin clown suit with hearts and a cherub disguise to earn.
  • Mock the Boss: When you replay boss fights, you'll be able to give them "be mine" cards for Feat points.


  • New Duo: A two-player Bane duo will be available for players.
  • PVP Expansion: There will be a new Gotham PVP zone.
  • New Tier 2 Raid: There's a new eight-player raid zone for the Batcave. You'll fight alongside Batman against Brainiac and Brother Eye.
  • Buy and Sell: Auction houses will go live in the Watchtower and the Hall of Doom so that places can swap gear on a massive scale.
  • Additions: New collections, races and investigations will be added.


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Re: Update news!

sounds good no update on voice chat though

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Re: Update news!

Does not interest me one bit.. Thats a months update?.. Sorry but for that money per month i expect more
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Re: Update news!

Nice to here but i second the voice chat part,it's or well brining out new content, but i think a lot of players would like the voice chat sorted out first, as this is a big part of the game biening able to talk to your friends in the group, can't see me paying at the end of my trial, if this and the laggy freezy servers are not sorted out. 

And belive my self and my friends have tryed all the tip's pep's have posted  with no joy.


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Re: Update news!

i wrote this on the dc voice chat page



like i said and my post got deleted it seems USA and overseas comms work as off EU. were left again yet we pay MORE per month or quater than anybody else second class citezens for paying more is not on.!!!! Our comms have not worked since day 1 sort it out plz as alot of us love this game but will not be re subing.


If u delete post atleast have decentsy to tell us of your progress with sorting this issue out rather than deleting post and ignoring us. We our the paying consumer u know


go to this to view your point hopefully they will get sorted


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Re: Update news!

For me voice chat has worked the last two days but it is an episode in itself to get it to work.  Turn on bluetooth before you load the disc and it should be ok.


The time it takes to do the PVP is what gripes me.  I have been waiting for 3 days now to get into a game in Australia so I can complete my quest.  Yawn.


Infact 75% of the quests left in my journal are all the alerts/PVP episodes cos I can never get into any!

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Re: Update news!

my comms are always on before i start game they just dont work ive tried offical headset usb headset my turtle beach headphones and still dnt work. Its a sham that an online game cant get voice chat to work with most people
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