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DLC Tracklist

I've got 2 points I'd like to make.


1st thing is that the songs that seemed to be released via DLC seem to be very outdated. I mean I love the classics but there's nothing I'm seeing that's modern and in the charts. For a dance party game and there's only one Rihanna track is crazy. 


2nd thing is the idea of putting them in packs is quite unappealing being that there are songs that are wanted more than others. If you feel the need to group songs in packs why not group songs which are relevant to one other maybe according to genre or artist. Putting the bangles with wretch 32 is just not on. I am positive that if you made tracks available to download individually you will see and increase in the number of DLC being download. Dance Central and Just Dance 3 are executing this strategy well


Here are a few ideas of some songs I think will go down well...

Rihanna - We Found Love / Only Girl In The World / Umbrella / Who's That Chick

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl / Where Them Girls Out

Beyonce - Sweet Dreams / Single Ladies / Run The World / 

Chris Brown - Beautiful People / Yeah 3x

Black Eyed Peas - Dirty Bit 

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass / Moment For Life

Lady GaGa - Telephone 

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor

Kelis - 4th July / Acapella / Milkshake / 

Kanye West - Stronger 


To appeal to other demographics you might want other R&B classics like

Bel Biv Devoe - Poison

R. Kelly - Vybe

Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It

Jade - Don't Walk Away

Janet Jackson - Rhythym Nation

Chaka Khan - Aint Nobody

Soul For Real - Candy Rain


Xbox 360 has capitalised on this very well with Dance Central 2 offering a wide range of music across a variety of musical genres providing something for everyone with different tastes in music. Which reflects on its success. Come on Playstation you are supposed to be the pioneers...the innovators remember.


I hope you take this into consideration.




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Re: DLC Tracklist

You are wasting your time mate, as London Studios don't listen to what people want and kill off franchises easily which could make them a lot more money by blaming it on licensing (cop out completely). The other console franchises wet all over Dancestar (which is a poor "upgrade" to Singstar Dance & a waste of time IMHO).