26 Sep 2011
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I can't find the Dirt 3 Monte Carlo DLC on the store

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Either the store is even more of a mess than I thought, or my eye sight is going bad. I just bought Dirt 3 today (well, traded in F1 2011 due to its massively disappointing graphics and framerate issues) and I really liked the Monte Carlo track pack when I played the PC version of Dirt 3, but I simply can't locate it on the PS store.


I've tried both browsing through the game list (I can't even find Dirt 3 at all here, so perhaps I am going blind) as well as using the search option.

For "Dirt 3" a long list of DLC shows up, but I can't see the one I'm looking for, and searching on "Monte" gives me zero results. Can anyone help me out here please?

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Re: I can't find the Dirt 3 Monte Carlo DLC on the store