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Extinction Part 5: Incursion

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Extinction Part 5: Incursion


     A vortex of high speed wind swept down the walkway as hot and dry as the Arizona deserts. Drake felt his skin start to burn as the whiteness in the air began to dissipate and visibility started to return, he spun his head around in all directions and saw an enormous plume of grey dust and black smoke starting tumbling towards him and the crowd that lay down on the floor motionless. He was suddenly aware of a loud ringing noise and his balance was off even though he was lying on his back, the disorientation was overwhelming. Using all the strength left in him he rolled over onto his chest and began to push himself up and off of the floor, and in doing so he noticed the young technician was unconscious next to him. Quickly his hearing started to come back and a loud serious of explosions boomed from all around him, he glanced back down the walkway to see the cloud approach at a frightening speed and a flash of white light piercing through the crossroad they just passed.


     “Ugh....! Come on, wake up!” He crawled on all four limbs exhaustedly and unevenly towards the young woman, her back was turned toward him as she lay awkwardly on her side. He grabbed her shoulder and pulled over onto his back, slumping under his own weight on top of her. “Come on girl! We have got to go now!” She didn't reply. He looked into her face and saw there was lifeless sleep before looking back at the cloud rampaging towards them, debris speeded through the air as the cloud dominated the view. He picked himself up onto all four limbs once more, gritted his teeth and pushed with all his might to get up onto his legs. A loud voice muffled by an electronic speaker came from in front of him



     “You there, DON'T MOVE!!!!!” Drake swung his gaze off of the girl and up towards an oncoming soldier. The soldier ran to him at great speed from 25 meters away, Drake hardy took note of what the soldier was doing as his head spun in a sudden dizziness. “DON'T MOVE! DON'T MOVE!” the soldier repeated as he get within touching distance of Drake. He forcefully but at the same time gently sat Drake down on to the floor, Drake was severely confused. What was the soldier doing to him he thought with increasing fear!


     “Please... no! I got to get us out here! Please.... help us... the ship....” Drake tried pointing in the direction of the battleship as it lifted up into the air slowly, his arm had never felt so heavy.


     “Stay still civilian!” The soldier used softer, more calming tone. “MEDIC!!!” He suddenly shouted in an extremely loud tannoy voice. Drake was getting more and more confused, his body feeling heavier and heavier. The world started to spin all around him. He looked around and everything went grey. The plume of dust and smoke engulfed them like a wildfire that had gone out of control. The air was now thick and his throat and lungs became irritated as they quickly filled with the remnants of what it was the took a hit all the way behind them.


     “What... what's happening?! Why... why are we... who are... who is....?” The soldier stayed still beside him, his arm on his back for support.


     “Stay calm civilian! We are getting you out here quick! You need immediate medical attention! Stay as you are!” Through the thick dust the soldier's all-body suit appeared to glisten brilliantly, he was covered head to toe in a metal-plastic alloy that didn't have any seams at all, the suit bending impossibly as he would move. Drake looked down on to the floor as saw a pool of blood had developed around his entire body, he head begun to spin rapidly and his eyes couldn't focus on anything around him that was visible through the hazy dust and smoke. He looked behind him to see where the injury was but all he saw was blood staining his clothes to the point of a morbid mess of pain and depravity.


     “Where... where... where am I hurt? I...I..I don't feel anything...” And then drake glanced to his side to look at the metallic face plating of the soldier, his vision was blurred and Drake attuned all his mental capabilities towards focusing on the soldier. There was a sudden sense of discomfort on his left side and in disbelief he spun his head around and looked downwards. Drake got wheezy and he suddenly could not breath, everything started going black and he began to slump downwards. The soldier moved to keep him in a upright sitting position, more blood was filling around him. As Drake started to droop onto the floor he moved his arm to stabilise himself and fell backwards.


     “Oh Jesus!... Oh Jesus!... My arm! Where's... my... f888ing... arm!!!” He began to wince, his eyes watered! “Oh... God! Oh god please... help... me... help..” The darkness began to ensue and like a sledgehammer smashing into him, the pain began to pushed him over the brink of unconsciousness. His entire body went numb and he looked at the short stump that was left, with the last few seconds of awareness he looked around for his arm but couldn't see it. Instead his attention was abruptly forced onto the gigantic ship as it rose to 500 feet in the air. An amazingly silent and bright beam of white energy cut through the behemoth spaceship, split clean in half it came crashing to the ground in dust, smoke and flames at frightening speed, crushing everybody that lay on the floor near it under tens of thousands of tonnes of debris. The noise was unbearable before muffling out to a drone and Drake gave in to the lucid feeling and slipped into the darkness.


End of Part 5

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