10 Jun 2012
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F.E.4.R Ressurection

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Hello guys, well basically this is just a simple prologue of what to expect from my story which isnt going to be relatively long but something I hope you enjoy.



22 Years after the events of F.EA.R.3. The homicidal Paxton Fettel returns to try and destroy the last remaining essence of Alma by destroying the 21 year old John Wade. I've wanted to make a story which will cotinue on from Alma Wade memory in which she will be presented as visual images of Paxton Fettel as she will continue to haunt him, which will be explained in the story.


John Wade, unfamiliar to him will find out about his mother and what happened to her. He will go down a pyschological path of destruction as he trys to find out who he truly is. Without giving too much spoiler away Point Man will be in the story, but will only be in the beginning chapters. John Wade will be the protagonist of the story with Paxton Fettel returning as the antagonist.



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