05 Feb 2013
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DMC - devil may cry

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Having just finished DMC I have to say what a fantastic game it was.


I have played all the devil may cry games and I realise I will get slated for saying this but in my opinion this was the best since the original........

For all of you idiots who have not bothered to buy it because Dantes hair ain't white, hes too young, its not made by Capcom, blah,blah, are missing out on the best game so far this year.


For the record once you complete the game you can have dante's white locks back and the combat was done by Capcom........

The graphics are amazing, the soundtrack perfect, the gameplay is old skool cool and the story sets you up very well for the previous games.


So do yourself a favour go out and buy it, you wont regret it, trade in COD and get back to what gaming was invented for - pure un-adulterated escapism.


Congratulations Ninja Theory on delivering another stunning game and I hope gamers buy in and have a taste of the old skool gaming experience you have just created.







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Re: DMC - devil may cry

cool stuff :smileyhappy:. makes a change to hear folks liking the new game.

played all the other DMCs too, not an uber-fan but enjoyed them all. been playing the new DmC aswell and its just as good as any of the other ones really. a few changes here and there but mostly is kinda similar in alot of ways too. its still fun and works well which is all you need really lol.

though not too sure about all the swearing and overly sexual parts, seems slighty overboard in some of those areas.
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Re: DMC - devil may cry

Ya' know, I think the DMC franchise has been going down hill for a long time...I used to love them, but not a lot has changed since the PS2!  I played the demo for the latest one, and didnt even finish it!


Id rather struggle through Ninja Gaiden!

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