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06 Aug 2010
By bridgelad98


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Naughty Bear - Review

1 Reply 2,011 Views Created 06-08-2010
06 Aug 2010
By bridgelad98

Naughty Bear

REVIEW BY bridgelad98


Price - Standard RRP

Dev: Artificial Art and Movement

Publisher: 505 Games

Genre: Action


PEGI Rating : 12+

ESRB Rating: T




Naughty Bear...a game which you could never think of being a 12+ , Naughty Bear is a action game, focusing on a unamed bear. He wasn't invited to his friends birthday party, so he therefore seeks revenge against the other bears. Can he survive?



The story starts with an unamed bear (I'll call him Naughty) , he wasn't invited to his friends birthday party. He is picked on by the other bears, now he must be naughty and seek revenge on his enemies by scaring and killing.

There's 7 levels (not alot) , which makes this game a dissapointment. Although we do see a multiplayer mode which makes up to this, so there's still lots of hours of gameplay in this one.

The story is simple, complete the challenges get bronze, silver or gold on each one and you unlock a new chapter. The further you progress it gets slightly harder with the higher levels demanding around 7 gold trophies. So there's still a challenge.


There's 3 types of weaponry : Melee, Guns and traps. They all work well and when you do kill a bear you'll probally be going 'DIE! DIE DIE!' , which makes it very enjoyable and also quite funny when you see them getting squashed.

The controls however are quite naffy, but you'll still get the grips of them quite easily. Attack is square, Kill is R2 (when there injured) and sprint is R1. There's still a few more controls but there all easy to pick up.


Naughty Bear certainly isn't hard, it's got comedy and violence (perfect) . The violence does make it up for the childish gameplay and Narrator though. The Narrator is suppodsly a childrens presenter and is nothing like Stephen Fry's LBP narrating! Nothing like...



I've only had a few games, and it's quite fun. There's many game modes to keep you entertained, it isn't addictive but it will past a few hours. You can choose your weapons and your map, create game and join one.


I know many reviewers have been harsh with 2/10! but I'm going to be fair seeing as I have had some fun with it.

+ Funny

+ Find yourself laughing when you squash bears, good use of violence.

+ DLC to arrive


- Story is short

- Gameplay could be better

OVERALL- Worth a rent...



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Anyone who has played the game can you help me, I bought the DLC's (episode 8, 9 and 10) and installed them but they aren't showing up in the game! HELP?! I don't know how to get them on :Help:
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Re: Naughty Bear - Review

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