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13 Jun 2009
By ShogunDarius


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Sacred 2 review.

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13 Jun 2009
By ShogunDarius

Sacred 2 Review 


I played single player and the map is HUGE!


I haven't encountered any glitches.


There are 6 player types you can be, and when it comes to appearance, you can only change their hair style and colour on 4 of them, the other 2 stay as they are.  


When you choose a character you choose a campaign of good or evil.  


Seraphim’s have to be good. 


Inquisitors have to be evil. 


The other 4 are optional. 


The six types are  




High elf


Temple Guardian

Shadow warrior  


No matter who you choose, you also get to select what god they worship between these 6  


Lumen (good only)

Kybele (a nature god)

Forens (A logic god)

Testa (a Science god)

KUAN (GOD of WAR!!!!)

Ker (evil only)  


Each god gives player ability  


Lumen- Powerful light from the character, that petrifies, damages and might even burn opponents.


Kybele- Instant healing of damage and afflictionsForens- For a limited time the character can deflect almost all attacks back to the attacker


Testa- Fills the character with energy that’s makes them shoot out T-energy balls that heal allies and damage opponents for a time.


Kuan - Confuses all nearby enemies making them attach each other.


Ker - Summons a demon to fight that is magically shackled to your side.....for a time   


There are 2 main modes, campaign and PVP both available to play on one ps3 or on the internet with up to 3 other players and only 2 on the same ps3 (note only one user per ps3 for online).  


There are 5 difficulties  








Each of these have a level limit, I’ll put the ranges now  


Bronze 1 to 200

Silver 1 to 200

Gold 60 to 200

Platinum 100 to 200

Niob 140 to 200  


You have to unlock gold, platinum and Niob.  


Unlock Gold by completing a silver campaign 


Unlock Platinum by completing a campaign on gold. 


Unlock Niob by completing a  campaign on Platinum. 


Bronze and silver are available straight away.  


The game is top down view and plays very similar to the likes of titan quest actually.  


The controls are a little fiddly but they do work and don't take long to learn, however there’s not much point to the tutorial system as it hardly taught me anything. It never prompted me much.  


You CANNOT pause the game even in single player, your either playing or your not. Enemies do re-spawn everywhere after a set amount of time.  


When I mention the game cannot be paused, it really cannot, start brings up the option menu (enemies can still attack) select brings up the map and that doesn’t pause the game.  


For those that think, I’ll just go onto the XMB, nope game still runs, even if you hold the XMB button down (and you can't see the game) it still runs. There is no pausing.  


The game has a drop in, drop out nature; if you had the game running offline it may pause.  


Gore is default off. 


I recommend changing the camera to static and controlling it with the right stick.  


When you level up, you can increase you attributes, learn or improve skills and improve upon combat arts. (Not every level though).  


Each character type of there own mounts  


Seraphim's have a sabre-toothed tiger 

High elf's have a wind serpent 

Dryad's have a monitor lizard 

Temple guardian's have a mobiculum (it’s like a massive wheel which you sit inside off) 

Shadow warriors have a hellhound 

Inquisitor's have shroud spiders   


As for spell list, no, here’s how it works (this could get a little complicated so bear with me) hold down r1, brings up the selection menu for your character, which there are 6 options  


Summon mount 


Quest log 


Combat arms 








Spells come under combat arms (spells and weapons together).  


Your abilities are limited to 3 areas, by which whatever character type you choose this changes (I’ll use the seraphim as my example) you have 3 areas  


Exalted warrior (weapon abilities)


Celestial magic


Revered technology (magic really)  


There is a fourth area for combinations (not sure how that area works yet.)  


Of the three areas mentioned above the spell and skill are pre determined, meaning you can’t create spells, only use what’s there (you do need to learn them though)  


Exalted Warrior  



Soul hammer

Pelting strikes

Assailing somersault

Dashing alacrity

Battle stance (buff)  


Celestial magic  


Baneful Smite

Radiant pillar

Instil belief

Hallowed Restoration

Cleansing Brilliance (buff)


Revered Technology  


Archangel's wrath 

Flaring nova

Divine protection

Warding Energy (buff)

BeeEffGee (buff)    


That’s everything available to the seraphim, these abilities can be upgraded.  While doing all that it is all in real time.


If it matters the game supports trophies.  


Is it worthy of a purchase? Yes, it will take time and dedication but it is worth it, the collector’s edition comes with a map that is helpful but not essential.

Message Edited by ShogunDarius on 13-06-2009 06:20 PM
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Great review

Im picking this up as soon as I have the money


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Re: Sacred 2 review.

SneezeDON'T TOUCH ME!! Sneeze
Bring back godsgift18888!!!! He's Back :P

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Really informative review, I would have picked this up by now if it had'nt been for prototype this week and ghostbusters next week, I saw a promo copy on sale for £22 so I will probably bite the bullet the next time im up town.
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Re: Sacred 2 review.

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