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26 Jun 2012
By SephirothGod


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Distant Worlds Scotland Debut, Edinburgh Playhouse Sunday 4th November 2012 7.30pm

0 Replies 491 Views Created 26-06-2012

For those of you that can't go to the London performance this is a great opportunity to see Distant Worlds in its Scotland debut. 


Tickets go on sale Friday June 29th, time not given but I'm guessing it'll be at 9am.

Priced from £30-£65

VIP tickets £135, come with the best seating in the house and a meet/signing event with Arnie Roth and Masashi Hamauzu(composer of FFXII, FFXIII-2, Dirge of Cerberus. aided on FFX). 


Shame that Nobuo is not in attendance, but none the less I will be buying a VIP ticket and getting my Japanese Limited Edition FFXIII Soundtrack and my FFXIII Japanese demo signed by Masashi :D. 


Anyone else interested in going to this?



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