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22 Jul 2012
By JknRich


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0 Replies 198 Views Created 22-07-2012
22 Jul 2012
By JknRich

Hello all, I wish to bring to the site a new FIFA league kicking off when FIFA13 is out and here.
This is the Dream Team league. A league that allows you to build your own squad, where you have the chance of having your best players in one team.

I'm looking at 8-10 sign ups for this league.

The rules.

Budget - £100 million
Min squad number - 23
15 players must be brought out of your budget.
The last players will come from a free pool, this will consist of players under a certain rating.
You must use all your £100 million.
1 World Class player per team - You do not have to have one of these players
No more than 3 players from the same team in your dream team.
1 wild card per team - can only be used once per season.
There will be 3 transfer windows throughout the season.
You will play each team twice

Bans For players
5 yellow cards = 1 match ban
1 red card = 3 match ban
3 red cards = 5 match ban
7 red cards = 10 match ban

Injured Players
If your player receive a injury during the match he will be out for 2 matches.

Match Rules

You will have 1 week to play your match the match week will run from Sunday - Sunday. If you do not play your match you have 1 chance to play your match after the match week. You must have to played the outstanding game by the following Wednesday.
If one player has shown a lot of interest in playing a match and is ignored his opponent will lose and the other player will recieve 3 points.

Hosting rules
6 minute matches
This will not be ranked
If you disconnect you must reconnect and play with what the score was and the remain minutes.

To enter this league you will need to have a thread for your team, this will include
Team Name
Team list

You must have this done so I can check the teams out.

Team Selection
This will come from a list I am now putting together. This list will include
Player Name
Players Team
Players Position
Price Tag
FIFA Player Rating.

Transfers and The Wild Card

You will be given no extra funds for the transfer window

There will 3 slots for transfers through the season. You may only transfer players that are valued you at the same price, for instance if you have Mata and he is worth 9 million you can change him for someone else at the same price. To add a higher value player into your squad you must make up the difference else where.
You are only allowed to change 3 players per transfer window. players from your free pool can't not be changed

You can't not transfer injured players or banned players.

The wild card allows you to change your whole team, you can only do this once per season and wild cards will be allowed to be used after the second transfer window. Again players in your free pool will not be changed when using the wild card only players you have brought.

Any questions please ask.
Please sign up, and we can get a new league of the ground.



Here is the link to the site


The thread link


Also I wish for my previous post to be deleted but do not know how


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