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HTTP GetResponse / BeginGetResponse update Listpanel

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my english is pool :smileysad:


HTTP GetResponse  / BeginGetResponse  update Listpanel


update listpanel

private ListPanelItem ListItemCreator () { 

return new PanelItem(); // BeginGetResponse ERROR!  



 it's work good when i use HTTP GetResponse ( synchronization );


it's work brake everytime when i use HTTP BeginGetResponse ( Asynchronous );


error: Sce.Pss.Core.Graphics cannot be accessed by multiple theads


I think its create a new background thread when i use BeginGetResponse  ,so when i update the ui will be break....


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Re: HTTP GetResponse / BeginGetResponse update Listpanel

Hi lydotnet,

As the error message describes, you must do all of your GraphicsContext calls (whether that be through the UI Toolkit, GameEngine2D or straight to the GraphicsContext) on the same thread that the GraphicsContext was initialized.

If you'd like us to do a quick example, please let us know.

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