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God Of War Storyline

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Have i got this right.
-Kratos is leader of spartan army,
-needs more power to defeat enemy so calls Ares.
-Kratos gets power, defeats enemy. Kratos is Ares's b****
-Ares tricks Kratos into killing his family. (how? btw)
-Kratos gets pi**ed and kills Ares.
-Zeus is pi**es coz he Kratos Killed Ares.
-Zeus gets all the gods to fight Kratos.
-Kratos Kills all the gods. 
-Kratos then Kills himself.
The end? or have i left anything out inbetween?

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Re: God Of War Storyline

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Ares tricked Kratos by commanding him to attack and 'burn a village to the ground' and its residents as they 'offered prayers to Athena'. This was the reason Ares had told Kratos before he had carried out the plot. But after Kratos killed his family (basically, he breaks into a temple and kills everyone within - including his wife and child -  without hesitation) Ares states that without Kratos' wife and child he wouldn't have anything to hold him back, making him the 'ultimate warrior'. That, rather than the fact that the people didn't worship Ares, seemed to be the real reason why Ares commanded Kratos to destroy the village.


After Kratos kills Ares, Zeus becomes afraid. He realises that his son (Kratos) is more powerful than he had imagined and fears that the chain of 'son killing/hating father' will continue. By that I mean this: Kronos (Zeus' father) kills his own father. Zeus then banishes his father to Tartarus as Kronos wanted to eat Zeus as a baby as he had the similar 'son killing/hating father' fear. Now, Zeus sees his son becoming increasingly powerful and fears that Kratos may kill him for greater power. So he tries to get rid of Kratos, but Kratos won't allow that.

The God's that we fight are trying to protect Zeus.


My theory of the ending:

Kratos kills himself because instead of giving the 'hope' that he used to kill Zeus with to Athena (who has become greedy), he releases it to the world so that mankind can rebuild itself after so much destruction. After being such an anti-hero, Kratos becomes a sort of hero at the end of his life, which I think is beautiful. :smileyhappy:

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