13 Mar 2011
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Are game faults random or linked to the version of the game you bought....

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..was thinking about this lastnite. Now i know we only tend to hear about the bad stuff and that there are millions of dudes would are playing trouble free. Then there will be those who dont visit any type of forum.


 Thing is places like this are important for PD to see whats happening, i guess when they do a patch they test it,, ,but its out here that things pop up.




I guess this is where a poll would be handy but anyhoo...


Ive got a Sig. edition, ive not had any trouble until 1.08 was released, well atfirst it wasnt there till much later in the day than all my mattes.  But ive been trouble free otherwise.


Please take a minute to post up your game version and wether you have had any issues.



Collectors edition

Standard edition.







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