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Best car setup in GT6

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What is the best car setup in this game?

All my cars gets *****ed up when I try to setup my car (by car setup I mean Height, dampers,tow and all that) now I just by hard dampers so I don't need to ajust anything..


Does anyone have a good allround setup?

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Re: Best car setup in GT6

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Hmmm, not really.

Too many car drive types, and variations with power, weight, aero etc.

Also different tracks will mean different tunes.

Plus sprint with no deg, or enduro with deg. and conserving fuel and tyres.

Etc. etc.


Most cars are FR so I tend to try a few standard things.

Lower car close to min. height, front slightly lower than rear.

Stiffen all suspension - springs, shocks and sway bars, to reduce body roll.

But not too stiff or front won't grip and rears will spin under throttle.

And generally for FR slightly softer on rear.

eg. springs 70% along adjustment scale, shocks 8/6, 7/5,  sway 6/4.

More camber and toe at front than rear.

eg. camber 1.8/1.0,  toe 0.10/0.05

Brake bias raised on front.  eg. 7/5

Gears set so max speed on track is hit with top gear slightly below redline.

Aero max.


A reasonable place to start.

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Re: Best car setup in GT6

Also take in mind your drivingstyle.
If you need the car to understeer and hereby have to slow down early to make the turns then set front so it matches the back on the springs. If you need to understeer, then do the opposit. but as Tassie_tiger writes. best way to start is with these settings. and then make some tweaking.

Do remember to get as far out to the opposit side before clipping the turn and brake early so your car is stable before turning(gives you a better entry-exit). While in the turn make sure you don´t give it too much throttle.

Note: My setting is 65% - 72%
7 - 6
6 - 5
6 - 4
1,0 - 0,5
0,2 - 0,0
7 - 5
Before tweaking(balance is not the same on every car)

Gear is set som I have 1500-2000 revs left in the last gear
Most of the time i don´t have a wing on, but when I have i set it to 75% of max

Hope it helps
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