02 Dec 2010
By Catharz


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Frustrated by license test user interface

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I love the game (level 23 atm) and I'm working through getting gold in all the license tests.  I have over 20 gold so far, but have to say the UI on license tests totally sucks.


Please, update this to not even bother showing me the trophy, the test spectators or take me back to the previous screen if I haven't beaten my best time.  It wastes 3-5 seconds of my life each and every time.  And the only possibly reason anybody could have for redoing the license test is to do better than their previous time.


As it is now, I attempt to crash my car every time it looks like I'm not going to do better just so I don't have to sit through all of the fluff that I've seen 100 times before.

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Re: Frustrated by license test user interface

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When you know you want to quickly restart, hit the start button and select replay. Selecting replay will "instantly" set you back at the start without loading a UI screen.

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