20 Jun 2012
By MaLuDi


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GT Academy 2012 Final Event Registration (Australian entrants)

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Where is it? At the last event (8-5) it says that you need to be registered on the official website to be able to proceed in the competition, being of course. Not being able to find a link on the Australian home page, I check other countries and managed to find a GT Academy link in the main menu bar on the UK home page. When I clicked on the link, the response was an error saying "Sorry" the country my PSN account is registered in doesn't match the current country's page (being UK). I don't want to be excluded from the event due to an administrative matter as I've invested quite a considerable amount of time in it. I only have a PSN account. Is that enough, or do I still need to register? If so, how do I do it? Cheers, MaLuDi
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Re: GT Academy 2012 Final Event Registration (Australian entrants)

You live in Australia?

Have an Australian PSN?

Looked on the website and not found a link?


Working as intended.


No GTA for Australia.

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