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Re: GT-R Official Record - Bronze Trophy


Br1ckt0p wrote:

The trophy won't unlock with any of the Racing tyres.  They have to be Sports tyres: Hard, or any of the comfort range.  I guess sports hard must be the most similar to the ones used to break the real world GT-R lap record.  The first time I did it I posted 7:14 vey easily with racing tyres but the trophy didn't unlock.  I didn't know they had to be sports.


It should have been a silver trophy at least.  I've only just realised that the silver and gold trophies are only awarded for people doing the long haul.  A couple of silver and gold for very tough but short challenges would have been nice.  Not complaining.  Just an observation.

Ah, I see, well good to know. And yes, GT5 has 59 trophies and only a few of them are silver or gold, the majority are bronze :Winner:


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