03 Jan 2013
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GT5 Super GT A-Spec Seasonal Event Now In Expert Mode

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It's sad to see the old-style Super GT A-Spec Seasonal Event get closed, but let's us not worry. The new "improved" Super GT A-Spec Seasonal Event has entered expert mode, with these new figures: 600PP or less, tyres limited to Racing/Hard or less, & 1st place car is a level 21 gift car ticket. The tracks used for the expert level Super GT event are shown below:


1: Tokyo R246 - 5 laps

2: Tsukuba Circuit - 10 laps

3: Laguna Seca Raceway - 5 laps

4: Special Stage Route 5 - 5 laps

5: Eifel (Circuit) 104A - 5 laps


The PDB (performance difference bonus) is used for this event. e.g. finishing a race with a 550PP car will double the total exp. and credits earned from the event.

There is no update to the OCD, with the same special cars being offered for the remaining duration of the New Year's Holiday Challenge special seasonal event.

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