22 Apr 2012
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My GTA story

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I posted this in General Discussion for a laugh, but I may as well post here too...


My name is Luis Lopez and I live in Liberty City. Sometimes I visit my mum, but I'm a lazy git and I can't be bothered with her.


Today I decided to not be lazy, but I didn't visit my mum, oh no. I took a walk instead...


I decided to take a stroll from Tudor on the last island, and end up at the Francis International Airport at the first island, and I timed it, although I think I'm hallucinating, because the days and the nights came, but my timer only said it took 1 hour and 10 minutes.


Like the good pedestrian I am, I crossed at the crossings when the little man shined white, but oh my God! The drivers around here are maniacs! 

I saw so many people getting hit by cars, and I got bumped once or twice too. My ribs hurt :smileysad: Why are the Liberty City drivers in such a hurry? There's a red light for a reason!


I walked along 2 bridges between the 3 islands. The first bridge I came across was a tunnel bridge, and I didn't know how to get onto the high pavement, other than to climb up onto it and over the railing, since the door to access it was locked :smileysad:

The second bridge had no pavement whatsoever! I did what my little navigator told me to on my phone, but I'm sure my mobile phone sat nav wants me dead :smileyindifferent: I made sure I walked towards the traffic though!


I took a very long walk along the motorway, my mouth was dry, my feet became sore, and then I realised I had to walk across the motorway since I was on the wrong side.


I'm at the airport now, plane spotting.



Next time I'll wear trainers :Thumbs: 




Small print - I really did walk from 3rd island to 1st island, far sides on both islands, I was that bored.

Не верь, не бойся, не проси

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Re: My GTA story

♬♩ I keep on walking, All over the city
I keep on walking
I keep on walking, Until the end!
I keep on walking
I keep on walking, all over the city
I keep on walking, Until the end!
I keep on walking, Walking ´til the end! ♪♫

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