Take copied levels away from the cool pages

by Lakera-13 on ‎07-06-2013 13:42 PM

I have no idea has this been suggested hundreds of times but I do not really care since it would be so easy solution to get all that crap away from cool pages people always complain about.


I am not excacly sure how cool pages work in this game but it seems cool pages have even newest of the newest levels that have only 1-2 plays or none. Also sometimes these levels get automatically really high in cool pages by some kind of lucky accident and then they catch players' attention. If levels that are copied from other players would not even go to this so called "cool page tube" but just live their own lives in creators' planets, I am sure people would be extremely happy.


Of course the reason they are now in cool page tube is that every level can have a chance to shine but I never understood why copied levels would need that chance. They are, afterall, somehow copied and the creator might have just edited small things in there so it is not mentioning at all the original creator. I also support the idea that copied levels show the original creator but I am aware that it wouldn't help the situation in cool page at all since most of people just play anything that is on top of that page.


I never really play cool page levels because it is all just copied crap to me that I can't be sure about who is the original creator but it would be really fun to be sure every level there is made by that creator, then I would be sure to check cool pages very often :)

by JaddziaDax
on ‎07-06-2013 19:49 PM
Yes this has been suggested a few times. I've heard a couple of arguments against it: What if you have a situation where two people are working on a collaboration and the only way to trade their level between them is to use the copy feature. Well you could say "fine then make some kind of flag that shows progress on the level". but then all a copier would have to do is add some random off screen bit to circumvent that. The other situation is that the copier may just capture the entire level and paste it into a new level to circumvent it. I know this issue has been in progress for a long time, but I don't believe they have forgotten it. The LBP team knows that this is a problem. My suggestion, in the meantime, is to find reputable people who heart good levels, and search their hearted levels instead of using the cool page. Also follow Mm picks and some of the community team picks.
by Lakera-13
on ‎08-06-2013 23:24 PM

That is true, but I do think bad things that would come from this are way smaller than good things this would bring with it. I am really sure Mm is not changing cool pages anymore though, but I was just thinking "better try than cry" :P

by strangeguru
on ‎31-08-2013 08:39 AM

What I don't get, is why do the copiers only copy the terrible levels that caused the first game's downfall?

You know what I'm on about, levels like Mortal Kombat, Bomb Survival and all that Un-Creative Mammoth Dung...

by ProGamerX56
on ‎01-09-2013 21:45 PM

When they copy a level there should be a mandatory credits section in the description stating the original creator.

by strangeguru
on ‎01-09-2013 22:23 PM

The problem isn't credit to the original creators, it's that all the copied levels are rubbish preventing the good levels from getting noticed.