"Magic Voice Box" for Sackboy

by TheSonic41125 on ‎19-07-2013 07:53 AM

Ok this one is from some of my friends:

The  Magic Mouth can be used on a Sackbot to give it a voice whenever it talks.

What if you could kinda do that for Sackboy? In your popit of the costumes section could be a "Sound" page. (or on the pause menu.) where you can edit ur slap sound, and possibly when not using a mic, add a Gibberish voice for whenever you text. it could be the voices on the Magic Mouth in create or even like DLC voice chips for Sackboy/Sackgirl. Some of these could include like anime voice pack, where it's actually gibberish but sounds like genuine Japanese speaking. Or a Monster voice pack. which include like muffeling (as in like Mummy groans) or a sedusing witch. This idea is one I would really like to see. I know it might be some programing issues, but hey, its fun sharing ideas  on these forums for all to see! :smileyvery-happy: