07 Nov 2012
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PlayStation All-Stars Radec

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Name: Colonel Mael Radec


Origin:  Born in the 24th century on the planet Helghan during a great depression, Radec quickly rose through the ranks in the military by being a ruthless leader. Having helped plan the invasion of Vekta in 2357 as an adviser to Visari himself, he took over control of command of the Helghast forces after the death of General Metrac during the retreat from Vekta.


Appeared in: Killzone 2


Voiced by: Sean Pertwee


Developed by: Guerrilla Games


Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment


Memorable Quotes:

Defeat is Unacceptable! Envy the dead who escape this shame of failure.

I’d rather we met in combat. Like soldiers.

The essence of combat: kill or be killed0


PS3 moves: Move list


Colonel Radec will be playable in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale on Nov. 20th for PS3 and Vita.



My PS3 career don't end in November 2013... Trey for life!
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