Introducing LBP Karting Tribal Knowledge Base

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So What is a Tribal Knowledge Base?


A Tribal Knowledge Base is one that the community collectively writes, edits, and maintains. Content is created by the community but has more fit and finish than a typical post.


How is this different to a standard forum post?


People make mistakes, things change—this is a great way to keep content current. If you can see an article that is out-of-date, confusing, or inaccurate then you easily propose revisions. Comments enable the broader community to improve and maintain the community’s knowledge base. When authors incorporate proposed edits to their article, the originator gets credit for their input.


How do I create a new article?


From the Knowledge Base listing screen simply hit the 'New Message' button which will take you to the familiar message editing screen, when you are happy with your article, press the button marked 'Save & Publish'




How do I submit revisions?


The author of the original post is the owner of the document, any revision submitted will need to be approved by the owner of the original post or a member of the Community Team, if approved, the submitter of the revision will be credited in the contributor list.


  • To get going, you will need to click on the 'Edit' Button (see below)


 edit tkb.jpg


  • When you have finished making your proposed changes, you will need to click Save & Request Review (see below)


submission tkb.jpg


The article is then submitted to the original author for approval.


How do I know that a submission for an edit has been made on my article?


You will need to go to the 'My Settings' tab at the top of the forums and enable notifications.


  • Once in the 'My Settings' page, select the tab 'Subscriptions & Bookmarks'




The options below are switched off by default, you will need to enable them to recieve notifications about revisions.



How do I approve an edit to my document?


  • At the message listing level, select 'Knowledge Base Article Dashboard' under the Board Options Menu



  • Select the tab 'Unpublished Revisions'




  • Select the article you wish to review, if you are happy with the edits, press the 'Publish Button'




I've seen something naughty, how do I report this?


If you have seen content that breaks the House Rules then you can grief report it by selecting 'Report inappropriate Content' via the 'Article Options' menu (see below).



Introducing LBP Karting Tribal Knowledge Base

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