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24 Dec 2012
By TrueJenius


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Little Big Planet Karting... Why bother?

1 Reply 1,399 Views Created 24-12-2012

I played it and finished it in two days. 100% Story Mode - including side missions..


I wasn't disappointed with the game until the end of the week. I wasn't even that bothered by the fact that the servers are a problem. I was even pretty tolerant of the constant disconnections and the wasted time trying to join a friend or hoping that my friends will be ABLE to accept my invites. "So and So" is joining... but not really. "Whisking you away to your sackmates pod..." but not really.


The thing that really gets my goat is the voting menu choices after you finish a level online. I have already played all of the Story Mode games too many times. They were great but when I am ready to play online and with friends... variety is the spice of entertainment. 


LBP always promotes it's vast number of levels and user generated content. LBP promotes online play, meeting and making new friends, creating and sharing the stuff of our dreams. However, the online voting interface is a real nightmare. A nightmare of boredom and repetition.


The voting process could be improved if there were non-story mode choices to choose from. Since the task of finding a good group of players is daunting, due to the "finding game" glitch or disconnections, leaving a group isn't an easy choice. So if I spent 20 minutes looking for a user created level, played it and liked it, there is a very small chance that my vote will allow us to replay the level. If replay isn't chosen, then it's right back to the same old Story Mode mundane levels. So, I leave the playgroup. I would stay if I knew that there was a possibilty that a vote would take us to a new experience... eventually. Sigh


Voting is great. A sense of freedom. But a limited vote between coffee, tea or milk isn't going to keep me coming back for more. I would rather have a vote that includes other beverages or even a tall glass of liquified garbage once in awhile than drink the same koolaid time and time again.


Perhaps a vote that draws from a user's queue or from the host's heart list. Or a completely random category. Or even from existing categories like Quick Play, Cool Levels, Team Picks, Lucky Dip.... etc. etc.


I have LBP, LBP2 and LBPKarting. I like creating and I like playing other's creations. Since creating levels benefits Media Molecule and the community, I find the lack of promotion for user levels very discouraging. In fact, the current interface discourages players from playing anything other than Story Mode. At least, when it comes to playing with friends and potential new friends.


Only 2 of my LBP friends have purchased LBPK. They both had it for a week before me. "Get LBPKarting... it's fun.", they said. I was reluctant. I should have waited another week, because they would not have recommended it after the second week of play. I have many friends that have LBP and/or LBP2. I am not going to suggest Karting to any of them.



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    There are so many frustrations with this game, considering the potential is SO SO HIGH!  It has so many short comings that need fixing.

    Originally i bought this game to play with my son and fiance at home...except you can't sign in to multiple accounts with it...makes playing offline kind of pointless-but i don't care to play online! So even in the short story mode, my son or fiance can't collect goodies if i am. You can only sign in to ONE profile at a time!!! why???

    Also unlike the LBP franchise, you can only have two couch players at a all 3 of us still can't even play together. Pretty lame.


    Also, i set out to make a Candy Land level for my son! It's one of our favourite games to play together! Except that i tried to "sticker" the track to get the classic multicolor spaces (like the board game) and by the time i was done recoloring the track, the meter was full! This was a consistent frustration with the first two LBP's as well...if stickers take up so much "room", then their should be an alternate way to "paint" things in the franchise. Seriously, i wouldn't think that would be hard to can customize EVERYTHING else! Why do you have to rely on a sticker as your only for or colorful customization? It is very tedious...a simple "paint brush" to guide along the track to change the colors really isn't a difficult concept if you saw everything else you can do with this game.

    Adding this feature to every clothing item and kart would be so more counting down the hours spent just trying to change the color of your person or an item (NO EXAGGERATION-if you add up how long in any LBP i have had to tediously "sticker" my character, costume or other items in create mode-just for a simple color change-it would be HOURS). Trust me, it adds up-especially if you are a perfectionist. I KNOW i'm not the only person with this qualm...


    Also, why are the "materials" for terrain so limited? There are dozens of "materials" available to make anything you'd can't just make that a possibility for the terrain too?


   Someone, please fix this game!!! it could be so so good! As of right now, i've had it for 2 days, i would NOT recommend buying it...unless you are okay with a short story mode and a create mode full of disappointments. Small fixes would make this game AMAZING!


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Re: Little Big Planet Karting... Why bother?

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