29 Apr 2008
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advantages/disadvantages of your abilities

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hello all of you.


i am new to this forum but been a reader for quite some time.


latelly, everyone is asking questions about the abilities in MGO. what can you do and how do you do that special move!!


some may think the level 3 knife mastery is the way to go, others think the CQC is better, some like the auto-aim the best. i personally dislike the auto-aim but that is not the point.  


this thread is not meant to be "another MGO thread"!!! the idea is for you guys explain what you can do with your abilities and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each ability.


i am thinking of leveling up my knife to level 3 but its a shame that i can't level up anything else. it might be useful in close quarters because i can perform a quick kill, however, in the open it might be a disadvantage.



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