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09 Aug 2011
By LinKueiNinja


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Career Mode....THIS IS WIERD!

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09 Aug 2011
By LinKueiNinja

As many of you know, I am fairly new here. I had a discussion with a few of you online about how hard career mode & racing in general is for me & how the AI just tears me a new one with weapons & insane driving skills. If I bump a wall or run off course....playing catch up is a task & even if I do well driving, the AI hammers me with weapons forcing me to lose position & it happens quite a bit right near the end of the race. VERY FRUSTRATING!


Well I was plugging through career tonight hoping to finish at least 3rd to get by. The final race in a chapter you must finish 1st & i was having  usual. So my 7 year old son says let me try it.  He tore the AI up & I noticed he did not boost at all & did not drift on every corner either. I mean he still had to do a few races over & did not get first on all of the ones he tried but his technique seemed to work pretty good....better than my poor driving skills.


Am I missing something here? I read if your not should be boosting! Well, my son threw that theory out the window & he did it for quite a few races!


Anybody have any input on this?


Also we need to go back & get first on quite a few tracks so any tips or input would be kindly appreciated!


Thanks all!

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