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mini_schnauzer67 wrote:

atheistsw wrote:

Complete and utter BS of the highest magnitude, store update for SCEE is up and guess what? NO freaking MNR DLC sale! For Christ sake, you would have thought that in order to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of this great game the DLC sale would have been a worldwide thing but no, US favouritism strikes yet again! :(


Sick and tired of SCEE, such a bunch of money grabbing, useless tossers, treating us European gamers like scum every opportunity they get! :Argh:


Mark, can you PLEASE find out why we got shafted this way so unfairly, after all, as community manager surely a mass shafting of an entire continent of game players should fall under your juristriction, or can you only speak on behalf of Sony's pet America???


As you can tell from the tone of this post, I'm severely peeved we've been treated like dogturd once again. :(

Lucky I don't fall into this category, that really sucks. Surely Mark comes in now and is able to help...

Do what I do when NA gets something late. Open an EU account. I did it for the Sonic Generations Demo :P

Besides, this crap sale is nothing. EU has a way better store for apps. And it looks nicer.

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Re: Laugh @ one week long sale

Every time ??? posts, somewhere an English teacher cries.
Or they all cry in unison.
dode i leke punktuation