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Perish_Song wrote:

New track publishing options


In the same light as an already sggested idea, the ability to Post cups/tours. So people can rrace your tour.


The ability to lock speed settings for a track (cause we've all seen the "built for elite speed only" tracks)


 open curcuit tracks. where you race from point a to point B


Core game updates


The ability to re-publish without re-setting track stats (for better quality tracks)

Larger comment sections on creations (so that comments will actually be releveant and important in game)


Track creator's name to show when a track is queued in a game room (to make it easier to locate who made the track)


Level description displayed during loading screen (some people actually spend time writing descriptions, it would be awesome if they were relevant, and visible before the race)


Random creations, wether it be a podium wiich dsplays a random creation once every hour, or a random creations option when searching for published items.


Notifications of friends newly creat4ed items (so atheist doesn't have to manually send them with each new interesting track :P )


The ability to allow co-op racers to join a friend already in a gameroom


Object sorting, by date of download, creator, or favorites.

Levels beyond level 30


New game modes


Score challenge mode- Where winner is decided by points (similar to challenges)


Team race mode (where the gameroom is devided into two teams, team with best overall time wins)


Battle mode (level one items, and sideswipes only)


Mirror mode (to extend life oft tracks)


New items or creation tools


Being able to add props to body parts instad of just nod heads.


sticker publishing, where you can publish sticker groups instead of having to publish a whole new mod.


Large boost pads (for when we want wide boost pads but don't want to use 3 itmes wen one could do the job)


 A sphere object (cause prob_Alex needs one :P )

taunts, no not the hand gestures, but actual scripted taunts by the characters.


It's been said before but Increased creation slots, and Actual prop tilting.

I wanted to add something to the core game section:


The ability to invite people to a gameroom without them being in your friends list (so long as you have their gamer tag)

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