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17 Feb 2011
By ModNationSD


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Patch 1.08 update

15 Replies 2,234 Views Created 17-02-2011
17 Feb 2011
By ModNationSD

Hi all,


If you exprecienced any issues with patch 1.08 please follow the workaround below. This seemed to be an extremely isolated issue and we appreciate ALL of your input tracking this down.


1. Verify your PS3 is connected Online

2. Delete your ModNation Racers Game Data (Do NOT delete the Save data or User Created Content files)

3. Once your MNR Game Data has been deleted scroll over to the Settings tab and select Date and Time Settings

4. Select Date and Time and choose the "Set Via Internet" option (Verify Current Date and Time is displayed)

5. Install the ModNation Racers Game data and all patches

6. Verify Title boots and behaves correctly after Game Data and all patches are installed

7. Please perform the above steps and report the results you receive.

 We appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue.



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