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30 Jun 2012
By maverick--07--


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Region Lock back on?

65 Replies 651 Views Created 30-06-2012
30 Jun 2012
By maverick--07--

So I'm hearing from several people that no one can connect to people who are not in their region (Americas, EU and AU, and Asia)? And now I am hearing a rumor that the region lock is back on for MNR!


I REALLY hope these are just server issues, as I remember stuff like this has happened before, even after region lock was lifted a few months after the game came out. Does anyone else know if region lock is really back or?


If region lock is really back on for good then this game is finished. And people thought MNR was dead when Mark left? Still curious if it's just talk though. I just won't believe RL is back on until I hear something offical.

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