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11 Jan 2012
By Fennec-Lass


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Road Trip, No Online racing and No ModSpot confirmed.

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11 Jan 2012
By Fennec-Lass

From the Live Chat today with the developers.


"Comment From Zyketor: 

The PSP version had 6 player Infrastructure Online multiplayer, but according to the official box for MNR: RT, it only supports ad-hoc, no online multiplayer (racing, not sharing). Can you please give us a for sure answer as to if Road Trip has online via infrastructure racing, not just sharing? 



Hey Zyketor, we are supporting Ad-Hoc however not infrasructure as in Head to Head. With all of the other online features though, Ghost Laps, Regional Leaderboards with times beat notifcations, etc. We went with more of an Asynchronous online feature set that is really robust! We'll share more about all of these online features as we get closer to launch! "


"Comment From Xuphor:

Will Modnation Racers: Roadt Trip support a ModSpot ala the PS3 version for a lobby, or will it be lobby-less like the PSP version?


MVdor:  We wanted to keep ModSpot unique for the PS3, but with Near, you'll be able to interact with PS Vita owners around you and share your unlocked items via the PS Vita's 'gifting' feature. "


Shame. Cancelling pre-order today. No Online Racing in a Modnation Game? Seriously? What the hell? 

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