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30 May 2012
By prob_alex


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modnation: operation rebirth.

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30 May 2012
By prob_alex
Hey all... As everyoneshould know. Empires fall with out leaders. This is fact. Mr Wilson has gone and if not replaced. This game will die..

So I have a solution if everyone agrees... Each section of this game needs a 'leader' by this I dont mean someone who is 'better' than anyone else. But I mean someone who can gather the troops. (players).

3 seperate people

Tournament holder...
Mod/kart competition operator.
Track competition operator

Each person could hold an event say once a month etc. Hopefully keeping this game alive and the creators interested.

Well thats my idea anyway... If anyone agrees then polls will be needed to find out who will be each section leader.. :-)
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