23 Aug 2012
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New Track : K&S's ILLUMIMODI Complex

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What's up, everybody? I have a new track, it is a collaberation track with sharkshead2000. If you guys don't know sharkshead, He makes some real nice tracks.  Be sure to check out his creations.


The track is called    K&S's ILLUMIMODI Complex


Conspiracy???  After determining that ModNationRacers are the greatest threat to them, the ILLUMIMODI elites (LBPK developers, lets just say . . . . . . :Evil: )  have invited all of ModNation to compete in a brutal DEATHRACE in an attempt to turn all of ModNation against itself. By loading the track with item pods and Devastators,  the ILLUMIMODI have given ModNation Racers too much temptation to resist and they are betting on ModNation killing itself !  Blinded by the ILLUMIMODI deception,  most of the ModNation Community (sadly) has already bought in. 

Legend says that a handfull of ModNation Racers will survive this Death Race, escape the complex and ultimately bring Peace back to the ModNation World and bring these ILLUMIMODI decievers to justice.  :smileyvery-happy:  HOORAY!!!!!


:smileywink: Alright, . . . . . . . . . . . enough with the conspiracy theories.

Here are some pics of the track. 



ModNation™ Racers_539.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_570.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_551.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_580.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_581.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_584.JPG


ModNation™ Racers_587.JPG


Feedback Appreciated. Thanx for trying. ENJOY!!

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Re: New Track : K&S's ILLUMIMODI Complex

This is the first track I have ever raced of yours, and I am most impressed!!  This races very smoothly and I can easily say that it is the best "battle-esq" track I have ever raced!    The Environment is also really well done!  Way to go!

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