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06 Aug 2011
By Exobud


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New Track Sanskrit Sands

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06 Aug 2011
By Exobud

All I can say is be sure you have enough boost in your meter.ModNation™ Racers.JPG

Fight for the first item pod at the start.

ModNation™ Racers_9.JPG

A group of four item pods after choosing between boost, speed or weapons.

ModNation™ Racers_7.JPG

Next you enter the "Midair Moat" which launches you into the air.

ModNation™ Racers_6.JPG

Take a U-Turn to jump over the secret "Dragon Blood Tree Center".ModNation™ Racers_5.JPG

The "Dragon Blood Tree Center" is guarded by high walls.ModNation™ Racers_4.JPG

You will land on the wooden bridge U-turn.

ModNation™ Racers_3.JPG

You will then jump to the "Old Town Bridge".

ModNation™ Racers_2.JPG

"Old Town" has a population of 30 people.

ModNation™ Racers_2.JPG

Enter the "Trap Temple" which adds a trap on each lap. 1st lap: Bearier 2nd lap: Pop-up blocker 1 (Pole) 3rd lap: Small barrel launchers.ModNation™ Racers.JPG

After the "Trap Temple" you will see the "Oil Ruins".ModNation™ Racers_10.JPGThe "Mud Hut Village" won't mind your loud weapons.

ModNation™ Racers_11.JPG

The final turn is on the "Oasis Bridge".

Please give me feedback.

"The difference is creativity."

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