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06 Aug 2011
By Exobud


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New Track Sanskrit Sands

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06 Aug 2011
By Exobud

All I can say is be sure you have enough boost in your meter.

Fight for the first item pod at the start.

A group of four item pods after choosing between boost, speed or weapons.

Next you enter the "Midair Moat" which launches you into the air.

Take a U-Turn to jump over the secret "Dragon Blood Tree Center".

The "Dragon Blood Tree Center" is guarded by high walls.

You will land on the wooden bridge U-turn.

You will then jump to the "Old Town Bridge".

"Old Town" has a population of 30 people.

Enter the "Trap Temple" which adds a trap on each lap. 1st lap: Bearier 2nd lap: Pop-up blocker 1 (Pole) 3rd lap: Small barrel launchers.

After the "Trap Temple" you will see the "Oil Ruins".The "Mud Hut Village" won't mind your loud weapons.

The final turn is on the "Oasis Bridge".

Please give me feedback.

"The difference is creativity."

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