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30 Jun 2011
By ArgorokX


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New Track: Wu Xing Metal Shrine

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30 Jun 2011
By ArgorokX

Wu Xing Metal Shrine:





The fourth stop on the five element series takes you to the rooftops of a futuristic far east city.


The race begins in a rooftop garden


Hang a sharp right as you land on the helipad and take the sky bridge to a massive office building.


Blast through office hallways.  A shortcut will open for those that fall far behind.


The sky bridge is under construction.  Make a detour through unfinished skyscrapers.


Loop around the shrine.  Racers that are behind can cut across the front of the shrine when the shortcut opens.


Down to the smelting furnace.


These doors open when activated.  Be careful or you'll be melted down!


Hope you all enjoy :D

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